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Long Island's Gold Coast

Events Calendar

The following is a list of events related to Long Island mansions. If you know of any event which should be listed here, please contact me.


July 6, 2008 - 1PM, July 13, 2008 - 4PM, Aug. 3, 2008 - 1PM, Sept. 7, 2008 - 1PM

The Great Gatsby Boat Tour - Town Dock, Port Washington

Admission: Adults - $25.00, Children under 12 - $10.00

Cruise beautiful Manhasset Bay onboard the comfortable Charles II, a 53-foot Crosby touring boat, and learn about the history of the area with a focus on the Roaring Twenties, when F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of "The Great Gatsby," lived here.


It was a decade of prohibition and prosperity, high-stepping flappers and college boys with hip flasks. Everybody wore a hat. There were 75 active Broadway theaters, 16 daily New York newspapers - morning and evening editions, and now-legendary writers, lyricists, composers, producers, illustrators and entrepreneurs made their homes in the area surrounding Manhasset Bay. With words and music, go back in time and imagine what it was like to live here in the 1920's. F. Scott Fitzgerald's life and "The Great Gatsby" will be featured.


The tour is 90-minutes and is $25 for adults and $10 for children under 12 years of age.


Please call 212-678-1955 to reserve seats. For more information and future tour schedule, visit www.greatgatsbyboattours.org .