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Long Island's Gold Coast

Field Trips

On this page will be photos and information about past and future field trips. Since so many people have shown an interest in seeing a lot of the mansions and ruins, I have considered making regular outings with those who are interested. If you would like to join us in any future outings, please join the mailing list newsletter on the main page.

Field trip to Meudon , July 25, 2003

Finally! A relaxing get-together. This was an event where all we did was sit around the upper deck of the Meudon beach house, and talk. It was a great event to get to know each other, learn a few things, and get a few ideas of what we should do for future LiGoldcoast events. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this outing a success!

Field trip to Knollwood ruins, May 4, 2002

Second trip to Knollwood. Didn't I say we were going to do something else next time? We need to do less walking.

Thanks to J. Abrams for the photo. He's the only one missing from this picture!


Field trip to Knollwood ruins, July 23, 2000

This was the first meeting of the Newsletter members. The group photo was taken after an afternoon of walking through the Knollwood ruins. Next time we may take a trip to a place that doesn't require a machete!